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3 generations: Wayne, Robert and James Herbert Luckett – 1982

Louisville Prosthetics, originally Falls City Limb & Brace Company, was founded by James Herbert Luckett (J.H.) in 1952.  J.H. Luckett was an amputee who lost his right leg below the knee in a traumatic train accident.  Unsatisfied with the prosthetic care he received, J.H. decided to open his own prosthetic business.  After acquiring the necessary training and certification, J.H. opened his business, Falls City Limb & Brace Company in Louisville, KY.  A true southern gentleman with charm and charisma, J.H.’s intention was to provide the best prosthetic care in Louisville at an affordable price.

J.H.’s son, Robert, joined his father’s operation in the early 1960’s.  With their service oriented family owned business, Falls City Limb & Brace Company became the artificial limb facility of choice for many veteran amputees in the Louisville and surrounding areas.  Robert earned his status as a Certified Prosthetist by the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics in 1971.  With his strong work ethic and desire to help others, Robert Luckett quickly became one of the most recognizable prosthetists in the state of Kentucky.

In the mid-1980’s Robert’s two eldest sons, Wayne and Bruce Luckett decided to enter the field of prosthetics.  The two had worked part-time during school and over their summer vacations.  Both had a genuine interest in helping people who were thought of as being “disabled” or “handicapped.”  Wayne and Bruce attended Northwestern University Medical School and returned home to join the family business.  It was also during this time that J.H. passed away and the business was handed down to Robert.

Wayne, Bruce, Robert and Chris Luckett – 2007

More recently, Robert’s youngest son, Chris Luckett joined the family business as well.  Chris also attended the prestigious Northwestern University Medical School prosthetics program.  He spent three years in Lexington, KY working as a Prosthetist to acquire the skills and residency requirements necessary for certification.  Chris completed his prosthetic certification in 2005 and returned to Louisville in 2006.

Times have changed over the 60 year history of Falls City Limb & Brace Company.  During the fall of 2006, we relocated to our new location closer to Louisville’s downtown hospitals.  We also changed our name to Louisville Prosthetics, and updated our facility with state of the art prosthetic equipment and exam rooms.  In 2009, we opened up our east end office to help meet the needs of patients and physicians in that area.  Although our name and location may have changed, our family owned and operated business still adheres to the same values entrusted by founder James Herbert Luckett.

Louisville Prosthetics now has 4 Licensed/Certified Prosthetists with over 125 years of combined clinical experience and 2 state-of-the-art facilities to better serve our patients.  As Louisville’s premier prosthetic provider, our family strives to serve our patients in the most professional manner.  At Louisville Prosthetics, we’re committed to providing the best in prosthetic care.  We don’t just treat patients, we help our patients live life to it’s fullest and develop relationships with them that last a lifetime.



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